How to Write an Argument Essay

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How to Write an Argument Essay

How to Write an Argument Essay? Bonus: Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an argument essay is very exciting, especially if the topic you choose is something very close to your heart, or something that you may be very passionate about. Well, all said and done, it is very important that you plan your essay before you jump right into it.
You will need to have enough points for your readers to truly understand your perspective. This would make a great argument essay.
Selecting a Topic: The topic you chose needs to have very conflicting perspectives or differing conclusions. It is important to select the topic that moves you, that interests you. It is really one thing to be passionate about something, but quite another to be able to share your belief and the logical explanations required to back it up too.
Taking a Position: Once you have narrowed down on the topic, you will need to consider both sides of the argument, and present them logically. Then eventually, pick a side and conclude. Consider getting strong points for the opposition argument and skillfully shoot them down!
Gathering of Proof: Of course, there is much drama with argents that happen in real life and face-to-face. Nevertheless, when you write your argument essay, state your points without he drama, explore both sides of the argument and give substantial proof to talk about the position you are on.
Structuring your Essay: An argument essay needs to have a proper introduction, a body and the conclusion. This is a very strong foundation for your essay and now that you have planned everything, you can confidently start writing your essay.Depending on the length you were assigned to write, the length of each of these components might vary.

  • Introduction: This is where you would give a short background of your selected topic, explain why you chose it and then state the thesis which is your statement on which position you would be. All this could be close to a 100-150 lines.
  • Body: The meat of your essay is right in here. Get into both the sides of the argument. Share as any strong points, statistics, quotes, or even other studies, as you must, but member to counter-argue with stronger points when you get to your side of the story. Present everything in a logical order and preferably one by one. This part could be two pages or even two hundred!
  • Conclusion: Reiterate your position with the strongest argument.

20 Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. You can get fat by Dieting.
  2. Marriage needs more than just Romantic love.
  3. War on terrorism actually violates human rights.
  4. There should be a gap of 1 year between High school and entering college.
  5. Voting should be made mandatory or all citizens.
  6. Abolition of government welfare would benefit society.
  7. Raising a child is not just the mother’s responsibility.
  8. There should be more holidays and longer vacations in America.
  9. Good character skills can be developed with team sports.
  10. Make production and consumption of cigarettes illegal.
  11. Over-dependence of People on technology.
  12. Censorship is essential to society.
  13. Privacy need not be your primary right.
  14. Harsh punishment to Drunk drivers on the first offense.
  15. Letter writing is a lost art and deserves to be resuscitated.
  16. All employees, even those working for the Government or the military must have the right to strike.
  17. Studying abroad programs are a complete waste of time and money.
  18. Music has a new era with increasing downloads and decreasing CD sales.
  19. Junk Food and Fast food should have high taxes to encourage healthy eating.
  20. Financial Aid by the government should only be based on merit.